Samstag, 27. November 2010

Andzieeeeeeeeeeejki ;DD

Bylam na andzejkach u Mateusza,taki fajny,bardzo nie za bardzo dorosly "przyjaciel" :D haha nie no ironia :D
fajnie fajnie,moje rodzice teraz ida na imprezke polska :D a ja z siostra w domu zostajemy höhöh,hej , robimy party,kto chce niech przyjdzie ;PP mamy truskawkowa wode :D
oki a oto fotki wa :D:

es war "okay" ... nein spaß es war total langweilig. Okay spaß es war lustig :DD 
Dobranoc ;);***vanybooo xoxo

Another picture made by childly vanyboo :D:/

critics are allowed ;)

Freitag, 26. November 2010

whats this? :D

okay...its a bit crazy .. but I love 90210 :DDD look :

friday at last!

I'm happy, we have got friday at last! Have waited so long ... :D
have to work on my new layout on this page ... :D I don't know 

Here some pictures made by myself haha :D I haven't got any hobbys ...but see :D
does he look like a vampire ?´the right one ? and does he look like a man? because for me.. he looks really like a pretty woman ;D
this is shit ! :D haha It looks like made by a child hahaha :D maybe I am :D but have u seen HIM in the middle of the pic? :
this is a little sweet one hahha :D okay , I won't say anything :D

Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Own created pictures :)

Hello again.
have u seen my new pictures made by paint and photoscape? Its really easy to produce something like this.
you have only to search in google a kind of picture (examply a sunset or a nature picture) and save it.Then open your pic (with you or with friends) with paint and cut it out.Then you have to open paint again and put the picture you cut out in.Then some details with photoscape and ready is your own created picture :).
Here are some ideas :
vany in the prison ( the quality isn't so good,but it was my first trying!)

Here in a sunflowerfield :) this quality is quiet better than that pic above.

you can choose every picture u have.
this are some basic ideas ,look out:

here on a bench :)

and here is a sunset on the beach :)

goodnight ;* 

your vanybooooooooooooooooooo :* xoxo