Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

bonjooooooooour !

Bonjour honeys!
How was ur day? My day was ... hm how can I descripe? A bit too loooong, now I'm really tired.. have to go sleep ;D.
Anyway I was shopping yesterday. I bought a leggings (olive coloured) and it's looking like those :
Those leggings got pockets on the left and right side, my leggings haven't got any :/ :D but they are although great :)
I was caught in the fashion world and bought black chucks. Normal chucks.
But I'm not going to wear both the same day! :D 
Finally I bought some headphones. 

Saturday I start my new work :) wish me luuuuuuuck!
Good evening, au revoir 
your vanybunny


Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

One of us

The Aachen - Journey was a great time. Everyone finds a way to come God nearer. We (especially my both classmates :* and I ) have a looooooooooooot of fun! We laughed so much I can't descripe :) This weekend we spend in Aachen wasn't a threw-away weekend. (so I think) I think it was something new, a new discoverment for life :D

was so nice with you both :*

reach the sky hahaha :D 

Aachen 2011 ;)

newest pics with friends :D

hola amigos!
Yesterday was a nice day ! Really :) a lot of fun and a lot of.. NOISE :D but I can say it was something new :) 
first I went out with Matti and took wonderful photos, look:

and later with Niko :)

here with Maxim and Lisa :)  (older than a week!)

goodnight ladies & gents :*