Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

More and more calls

The days after carnival were a bit crazy. Hunter called me every day and I called him some days ,too. I detected that we are laughing about everything and nothing! I love people who can laugh about their own mistakes and are funny! Hunter is such a guy and its much fun to talk with him.This Saturday Polly and I are going to meet him again.
I was waiting for him but I couldn’t find him. Everywhere were people but not a clue of Hunter.Suddenly a hand attackted my shoulder. “Who’s this?!” I cryed out. “Relax it’s me Hunter.” He huged me and I said: “you have shocked me!” “This was my plan.” He answered. “That wasn’t nice I could get a heart attack!” “What are you talking about?” he smiled to me. “Okay we must take the third bus and it will drive us to Polly’s apartment at the Hillside.” I looked at him and said: “ Last week you seemed taller than today.” “Huh?Are you serious?!” He was a bit confused but laugh about my detection. “Look Hunter.There’s our bus! Lets go in.”
A few minutes later we were at the Hillside of the city. First we couldn’t find Polly.We went around and around but forget it!Polly wasn’t there. Suddenly my cell rung. “Hello?” “It’s me Polly.Where are you?” “We are at the Hillside but you aren’t here.” “I’m here.” “Where?” “At the Hillside.But where are you?” “We are at the Hillside,too.” “I can’t see you.” “Look,we are standing in front of the “Tory’sHairCut Salon” and now say me where are you.” “I’m standing behind the Walleystreet.” “Okay, you know what?Please jump around okay?We will find you as fast as we can.” I said and took my cell to my handbag. “There is someone jumping.Can you see her Megan?” Hunter told me. “Oh yes I can see it and that’s Polly.At least.

What for an impression you get when your read the text? :)
(ich bin so bescheuert haha wehe jemand lacht mich aus:D )
wie findet ihr dieses "cover" hahaha :D falls man es so nennen kann :D hahahah omg :D naja. ich hab eben keine hobbies aber ist mir egal! :D ich stehe dazu :D
goodnight everyone 
xoxo vanyboo

After a great day

Hello everybody :) hope u have slept great and started a good chilling day today. This morning was the same like every morning. I woke up (actually my dog woke me up) and went with him for a walk. Later I have to learn for chemistry.I hate this subject! I'm so sad about the fact to learn again.. but this is life ;)

yesterday I had a wonderful day with my friend Lisa :*. It was soooo funny, we laughed,laughed and talked and talked.We created a new blog for you called Daily-Dreamers. There we will talk about the newest gossip aut our school,about problems and what life means for people in our age and what we can do about the problems :D It will be a lot of fun! Hope we get a lot of followers, so why don't u check out the newest from LisaMarieAnn and Vanyboo? Here's the link:

yesterday when I went sleeping, I thought a while. I got such a good idea! I will tell you soon about it ,but first it will be secred ;). (because I don't know if it will work yet ) (P.S. I hope so!) okay.. next time school will begin .. are u all ready for new homeworks and new classtests?

xoxo Love vanybunny

P.S. here some pics with Lisa from yesterday :)

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

a new beginning 2011

first,happy new year my ladies and gent's :* , hope this year will be a bit better than 2010 was ;)
Today I was shopping in Mönchengladbach.Now I'm the happiest girl in the world, I found the best jeans (leggins) ever ! In Zara, for (only!) 20euro, and I found a red blouse for 15euro(I can't descripe how it looks like) but later I found a darkblue blouse.. for 20euro.. I couldn't desice which one I should take .. but finally I took the red one. Saw it,fell in love with and bought it! Now I haven't got any money but it doesn't matter .. I will get money in such a way one day ;). Do you know this feeling,when songs are playing all the day in your head?! At the moment my head's playin Modern Talking hehe :D I can't hear them anymore :D but I like MT.

See u later guys , goodbye vanyberry