Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Ladies attention!

holaaaaa amigos!
what a mess! I'd like to post something new.. with pictures .. and change my layout, but I can't ! I still haven't got my laptop back ! Maybe tomorrow? I can't waiting any longer :D have to post something interesting! Something about my new shoes! Ladies, attention! Yesterday I bought a new pair of shoes, they're amazing! I love them. (actually my cousin has the same as I!)

Okay.Today (perhaps) I go out with some friends for coffee. I don't like coffee, although I'll order a coke or something like that. Will see ;). I hope we will meet today.. nobody writes now and I'm not sure if they are going to meet. Ohmigosh I'm going crazy.
Guys,look what I have found :

(Siemes , SALE , ca 20 € )
my new shoes ( not the right one,my shoes are prettier ;)) (In fact!)
In this summer season all the girls are going to wear certain shoes. They look like those :
( H&M , ca. 30 € )
u can buy it in each colour, not only this pattern :). Neon colours will be on the top ( I saw it in a H&M-magazine!)
Do u know which shoes are really amazing? These:

I discovered them in Tally Weijl for ca 36 €.

Okay,stop dreaming !
I wish u all a wonderful weekend guys :* 
have a lot of fun, xo vanyboo.

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