Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Ein kleider Auszug meiner geschichte bzw serie :DD

Okay. Now I am alone. My new life started. My dream comes true!
Landed at the airport of San Diego I had to find a taxi which was going to drive me to Morro Bay. Its a bit far away from San Diego but suddenly a taxi stopped. "Good evening,Miss."the driver greeted. "Good evening. Can you please drive me to Stadfortstreet 34 in Morro Bay?" He didn't look happy when he heard it. Nevertheless he invited me to get in the car. It was already dark when we arrived after three hours in Morro Bay. It was a beautiful landscape. On one side the blue Pacific Ocean and on the other green fields and forests. I got the feeling that I will love to live here. In this moment when I get off the taxi in Stadfortstreet my heart pound faster than ever. I paid my drive and the taxi disappeared behind a green bush. Well I'm standing here. Am I shy to go in? I looked at a huge house with an enormous entrance. The walls of the house are coloured light brown and the roof is black. It has got big windows, but nobody can look in because there are curtains which hide the nice furnishing. "Should I bell on the door? " I ask myself but I have no other possibility. I belled on the door. First nothing happend. After a minute I heard someone coming towards the door. It was a pretty woman who opened the door. "Hello."she said with a smile on her face. Before I could answer she continued: " Are you Heidi Manson,the exchange pupil from Germany?" I only nooded. "Welcome. Come in Heidi." she offered me. I went into a huge hall with big stairs. I admire this wonderful hall and noticed the big kitchen on the left. "How was the flight?" the woman asked but I didn't understand her. Then she relized that she didn't introduce herself. "Oh right,I am Eleanor the mother of this family called Palsee." "Nice to meet you." "Its late today. I will show you your room for the next time and then I think you should go sleeping. The rest of us you will get to know in the morning tomorrow okay?" "Okay." "Well, follow me into your room." I followed Eleanore upstairs and went into a big room. I smelled flowers in the room. There was a bed, a mirror, a big cupboard for all my clothes! Eleanore closed the big window and said: "Look out Heidi, you have a great view to the sea. Isn't it wonderful?" "yes it is. I'm so glad to be here." "Me too.Sweet dreams Heidi,see you tomorrow." "Thanks." and she closed the door.
In the next morning I woke up slowly. I heard the waves and the birds singing. What a beautiful morning. Home in Düsseldorf my little sister would shout that she is hungry and that my mother should bring her breakfast as fast as possible. This silence here is great. I looked out of the window and saw the beach. It was ten o'clock and there were so much people. I think it would be a sunny day today.
I decise to go down now and greet the rest of the Palsees. As I went in everyone was sitting and waiting for meal. "Good morning Heidi.Sit down I will give you breakfast." "Good morning,thank you." I sat down and a girl said to me: "Hey, I'm Summer. How do you like Morro Bay?" "Morro Bay is great! A wonderful place." I answered. Summer smiled. "We will have a lot of fun I think. Its saturday today, would you like to go to the beach with some friends today?" "Oh,take Heidi with you." Eleanore suggested. "you could get known your new friends Heidi. A good opportunity to meet some people." " I would like to go to the beach with you Summer." I answered. "Great.Will be fun." "But now girls,eat your breakfast."
I was really exited as I took my bikini on. I didn't know anyone. Summer was already waiting for me in the garden. I walked out of the house and she beckoned me. Next to her stood a handsome boy. He has got brown hair and a sunkissed skin. He smiled to me as I walked towards him and Summer. "What's up?" he asked. "Luke thats Heidi.Heidi this is Luke our gardener. "Hey." I smiled to him. "So ladies,are you going to the beach now?" "yes we are. I must show Heidi our fabolous beach and our wonderful friends." Summer said. " I am exited." "you needn't be exited sweety. My friends are lovely, you will love them.Trust me." Summer cheered me up. "So see you later on the Beachclub Luke." "Have fun" Luke shouted.
At the beach we went to the mall. There Summer ordered cola for her and me. "Do you like Luke?" Summer asked me. "He seems to be nice. Why are you asking?" "you got a red face when you spoke with him." "Really?Are you sure?I don't think so." "It's cool. Have you already heard about the Beachclub party today?" "yes,you talked with Luke about it. What kind of party is it?" I asked. " Its a kind of dance party and drink up to your drunken event. Organized of the Beachclub. My mother works there." "you drink alcohol?How old are you?" I asked curious. "Everyone guess that I'm older but I'm only seventeen." "In Germany teenagers in your age mustn't drink alcohol." "Heidi. you really think teenagers in germany are going to keep it?" "I'm not sure.." Summer continued: " No they don't. you are well behaved right?" "Hm.I don't drink much alcohol." "But please come with me to the Beachparty. It will be fun. I promise! you needn't drink if you don't want to." Summer beg. "Of course I will go with you." "yay.But now lets jump into the water."

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