Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

After a great day

Hello everybody :) hope u have slept great and started a good chilling day today. This morning was the same like every morning. I woke up (actually my dog woke me up) and went with him for a walk. Later I have to learn for chemistry.I hate this subject! I'm so sad about the fact to learn again.. but this is life ;)

yesterday I had a wonderful day with my friend Lisa :*. It was soooo funny, we laughed,laughed and talked and talked.We created a new blog for you called Daily-Dreamers. There we will talk about the newest gossip aut our school,about problems and what life means for people in our age and what we can do about the problems :D It will be a lot of fun! Hope we get a lot of followers, so why don't u check out the newest from LisaMarieAnn and Vanyboo? Here's the link:

yesterday when I went sleeping, I thought a while. I got such a good idea! I will tell you soon about it ,but first it will be secred ;). (because I don't know if it will work yet ) (P.S. I hope so!) okay.. next time school will begin .. are u all ready for new homeworks and new classtests?

xoxo Love vanybunny

P.S. here some pics with Lisa from yesterday :)

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