Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

a new beginning 2011

first,happy new year my ladies and gent's :* , hope this year will be a bit better than 2010 was ;)
Today I was shopping in Mönchengladbach.Now I'm the happiest girl in the world, I found the best jeans (leggins) ever ! In Zara, for (only!) 20euro, and I found a red blouse for 15euro(I can't descripe how it looks like) but later I found a darkblue blouse.. for 20euro.. I couldn't desice which one I should take .. but finally I took the red one. Saw it,fell in love with and bought it! Now I haven't got any money but it doesn't matter .. I will get money in such a way one day ;). Do you know this feeling,when songs are playing all the day in your head?! At the moment my head's playin Modern Talking hehe :D I can't hear them anymore :D but I like MT.

See u later guys , goodbye vanyberry

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